I like rainy days, look down when I walk, don’t entirely trust the cloud, default to grid systems, hate wearing glasses, reminisce too much, recycle too little, and miss the 1990s.

My name is Jaffry Jalal and it’s hard to give a…

Digital detritus.

  • From time to time, I hoard videos, images and other random notes.
  • Recommended stuff is a list of things which I think are worth having.
  • The pace at which I read is considerably slower than the speed at which I add to my collection of unread books antilibrary.
  • Whatever people say I am listening to, that’s what I probably am.
  • I still want to believe.

Current music rotation.

  1. Wolf Alice → My Love is Cool
  2. Nadine Shah → Fast Food
  3. Owiny Sigoma Band → Nyanza
  4. Bonobo → Flashlight
  5. Jamie xx → In Colour



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