Picture of Jaffry Jalal Hi. My name is Jaffry Jalal.

(Yes, pronounced like ‘Jeffrey’ but spelt with an ‘a’ and without ‘e’. Not Jefrey with one ‘f’ though. Lots of people get my name wrong and it used to be a big deal when I was younger. Everything that is not a big deal was somehow a big deal when I was younger. I managed to snag jaffry@hotmail.com back in the day before I concluded it was not a big deal. But I still don’t like seeing myself in photographs.)

Jaffry is a UX designer, art director, and educator who thrives at the intersections of insight, creativity, and discovery.

(From time to time, he sometimes speaks in the third person, which can be somewhat disorienting or sound like something really momentous is going to show itself. But invariably does not. Most likely a coping mechanism to deflect attention from his true self. He was a big fan of the reticent Ultra Magnus in the 80s. And also the nerdy Willow in the 90s. Jaffry ought to stop this pseudo out-of-body frame of reference and get back to the old-fashioned first person singular.)

I am currently serving as a lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic’s Design School where I coach people to make stuff.

(Admittedly, ‘make stuff’ may sound pompous and deliberately enigmatic. It is, however, a lot more economical than saying that I create, coach, and facilitate in the areas of inter­action, inter­face and visual design, art direction, frontend proto­typing with HTML, CSS & JavaScript, and user research methods. So there.)

Previously, I was in advertising for 17.11 years as a digital art director, visual UX lead, and occasional code monkey.

(Once, at a job interview at an agency, I was asked what the greatest goals in my life were, to which I replied, “Almost any­thing by Robbie Fowler.” The Creative Director didn’t laugh. Maybe I should have used ‘from’ instead of ‘by’? Anyway, I wasn’t laughing after that either. That weekend, I had the best iced coffee in my life. Must’ve been the non-soy, gluten-full, no-fats-removed-whatsoever milk.)

To fight the tyranny of routine, I enjoy taking little detours and brief excursions in search of good coffee.

(I absolutely love the smell of coffee. So much so, that I wonder if I learned to like drinking coffee because I loved the smell. At most coffee joints, the coffee aroma helps keep out the chatter of hipsters enthusing loudly about buying rope-dyed pants handsewn by anti-capitalist cool dudes who live in an Andalusian farming village where the dilettante tailoring dudes also grow a special—possibly medieval—strain of salvia hispanica in limited quantities for their Instagram friends. As it were.)

If you want to talk about pants, suggest a coffee detour, or just say hello, I can be reached at jaffry@dullneon.com.

(I figured jaffry@hotmail.com wasn’t so hot when I could get my own domain name in 1998. Which I then did. I can’t always do local coffeeshop kopi; my body fights back with gut wrenching reflux. I’ll have ginger tea. It's fantastic. I just also found out that I know someone who knows someone who has this friend whose ex-colleague’s third cousin, twice removed, makes a mean ginger tea for a living.)

Or you can find me on LinkedIn.

(Despite the current landscape, social media can be a force for good—for us to come together, learn, teach, maybe even create an equitable, bottom-up economy. But the current iterations are nothing more than global stock exchanges of posts, likes, hearts, streaks, tweets, retweets, and how many connections you have. If anything, there should be a federated social network of messaging platforms, so we can reach anyone on any network with any brand of telephone an interoperable messaging app. A possibility as unlikely as Richard Stallman using a pay toilet.)

It was nice chatting at you. Goodbye.


(Well, you’re still here. In that case, I need to let you know…)

For unsolicited messages regarding copulatory medication, unbeatable loan packages, or money from Nigerian royalty, you can send emails to honeypot@dullneon.com.

(I’ll be honest. I can’t say that I am looking forward to your unsolicited promotional material. Having said that, I used to have a pen pal, who, one day, asked me, quite forcefully, to halt my correspondence. Was it because I was as vile as a spammer? Possibly, as in my letters to my erstwhile pen pal, I didn’t provide an unsubscribe link. As a wise fox once said, what is essential is invisible to the eye. And with that, I bid you adieu.)