Adobe's answer to Sketch is now on version 1.0

Sketch was* my tool of choice for wireframing and prototyping, so I never gave Adobe XD a chance. (This coming from someone whose career was built on an Adobe product is quite something.) Since it came out of beta, I thought I’d give XD a long-overdue test drive.

Adobe XD is lightweight and fast as hell, uses familiar Photoshop shortcuts, and has some nifty features like Repeat Grid. But I couldn’t resize symbols & had to create new symbols for every screen size. More importantly, it doesn’t have a plug-in ecosystem (yet).

I don’t know if I would use XD for commercial work just yet–the thought of prototyping a responsive site without an Auto Layout equivalent makes me shudder. If you’re already on an Adobe subscription, Adobe XD totally makes sense.

* Educational licensing is a ponderous thing in academia.