I dislike papayas, don’t entirely trust the cloud, and trust science.

My name is Jaffry Jalal and I am still celebrating wildly on the inside.

Hypertext Things.

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Just before the dotcom bust, I stumbled into the design world under the moniker of “dullneon”. Since then, I’ve worked as a front-end programmer, product designer, art director, and experience design lead for regional and global clients.

I am ambitiously focused on making things and helping others do the same. I currently teach at Singapore Polytechnic’s experience design diploma program.



Tachyons, VanillaJS, and regular HTML5 manually edited in VSCode (and occasionally Nano). Fonts are set in system sans-serif and Barlow. Real-time data from Tasker and Weatherbit.

This site has no sponsored ads, gratuitous emojis, or a mission statement.

I use and recommend Firefox.