The problem with experts…

They become so involved in the details they forget the big picture. Which is exactly what’s happened in our business. We’ve become inundated with experts who can only see the details. The complicated nature of the technology and making sure all advertising fits into absolutely every possible space. And they get all the details right, except none of it works. Because their priority is wrong: the advertising itself is dull and boring. So no one wants to look at any of it.

About that Myers-Briggs Type Indicator…

[…] the test reflects whatever version of your self you want it to reflect. If what you want is to see yourself as odd or original or factual and direct, it only requires a little bit of imagination to nudge the test in the right direction, to rig the outcome ahead of time. I do not mean this in any overtly manipulative sense. Most people do not lie outright, for to do so would be to shatter the illusion of self-discovery that the test projects. I mean, quite simply, that to succeed, a personality test must introduce the test taker to the preferred version of her self.

Marketing lorem ipsum.

Oh, Helena

The result is a broad and powerful platform that spans talents, skills, and generations. When Helena’s members collaborate, their diverse abilities, generational experiences and influence come together to address issues, advance technologies, and guide movements in previously unexplored ways.