Screw the plebs, give me my data and primary school of choice…

Ms Wong from Ohmyhome noted that parents want to buy or rent homes near the schools they hope to get their children into – Singaporeans living within 1km of a school receive priority admission. But the authorities, she said, were unwilling to release data to the platform on residential proximity to schools via an application programming interface (API), which allows apps to talk to one another.

CNA: Strides made, but some way to go for Government to quench thirst for data

On big data, tech giants, and Big Brother…

The OpenPower Foundation — a nonprofit led by Google and IBM executives with the aim of trying to “drive innovation” — has set up a collaboration between IBM, Chinese company Semptian, and U.S. chip manufacturer Xilinx. Together, they have worked to advance a breed of microprocessors that enable computers to analyze vast amounts of data more efficiently […] Chinese state security agencies are likely using the technology to target human rights activists, pro-democracy advocates, and critics of President Xi Jinping’s regime, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to fear of reprisals.

How U.S. Tech Giants Are Helping to Build China’s Surveillance State

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How to live your life?

Find life mentors, not just career mentors. Find people who are good at the art of living, the wise ones, and tell them you want them to be available. They do not need to be friends. Then keep in touch, watch them, listen to them, learn from them. Steer clear of people who are paid to do this or imagine themselves to be gurus. Steer clear of anyone with too high opinion of himself or herself, lacking in self-deprecation or a sense of humor. Find the authentic ones who are a bit surprised you picked them out. You need several. I have been lucky enough to find them. They have made all the difference.

A wise person on NYT