I will teach you how to use your body in an entirely new way. Think of a marionette puppet worked from strings attached to its limbs. Reversing what you already know if you have done any other kind of workout, yoga, Pilates. My method, technique is artistically inspired through performing arts, dance, ballet.  It is for those who are confident and are proud of never fitting in because doing what everyone else is doing just makes us cringe. Patience is required because you haven't done anything like this in the world before. I will teach you how to become your own Puppeteer. A puppeteer defined is a person who manipulates a limp lifeless object to create the illusion that the puppet is alive. Powerful, flowing movement that is deliberate, precise all building from the core. Get strong, build your endurance, strength and stamina. You must let go, become, limp, lifeless to become alive. I have created the most effective way to change your body through 10 years of research, observation, 2 physical studios, tens of thousands of clients, music therapy, light therapy, steam, heat in one hour or less. I created an escape with my own Soundbath of gurgling steamers, and the music turned up loud. Learn how to soothe your soul. TGM is a learned concept and an intuitive meditative trance in the dark with music carefully curated to unleash your emotions. An emotional and physical release that makes you feel euphoric, powerful, graceful and elegant as fuck. The juxtaposition of my creation will make you question all of your other workouts because no one feels what we feel. And our results are massive, fast once you understand it. Get in touch with your soul, own your sexy and empower your mind. NO HANDS ON ADJUSTMENTS EVER because I only like to hug not touch you.

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