• Have adventures.
    Whenever possible, we must opt for the unknown.
  • Give fear exceedingly short shrift.
    God protects drunks, infants, and feisty girls, girls who are up for anything.
  • Shun boredom.
    We must quit dull jobs, leave tedious boyfriends.
  • Cultivate a deviant attitude.
    Unless we’re vigilant, we could turn into zombies.
  • No power-politics, no back-stabbing.
    …Some of us take this philosophy too far and feel perfectly justified in ruthlessly clawing our way to the top, not minding how many innocent girls’ heads we step on in our ascent.
  • Only drink and take drugs if we have to.
    If we take weird acid one minute, the next minute we could find ourselves devoting our lives to the Grateful Dead.

(Via Revisiting Cynthia Heimel’s Sex Tips for Girls)