Kapital World.

Kiro Hirata, KAPITAL's lead designer, and Eric Kvatek, photographer, meet up in France to shoot the Spring 2014 KAPITAL book, “Sailor Ninja”

The KAPITAL aesthetic is not something I personally subscribe to, or find compelling. But, as a designer, I find myself greatly drawn to their independence and bravery. Their output is a great study in colour palettes and art direction (within the restraints of a singular collection and its components). This hour-long film, while fairly entertaining as a peek into the creative process, also offers a lovely look at some beautiful parts of France.

Friend or faux…

[…] Playing it safe by engaging in shallow, unfulfilling or nonreciprocal relationships has physical repercussions. Not only do the resulting feelings of loneliness and isolation increase the risk of death as much as smoking, alcoholism and obesity; you may also lose tone, or function, in the so-called smart vagus nerve, which brain researchers think allows us to be in intimate, supportive and reciprocal relationships in the first place.