On strategies to avoiding assholes…

One of the simplest — but admittedly hardest — things you can do is simply learn not to give a shit. Not giving a shit takes the wind out of an asshole’s sails. When an asshole’s being nasty to you, ignore him. Think about when you’ll get home later that night and the fact that that asshole won’t be there and won’t matter.

The Disconnect.

Issue One of an offline-only magazine of commentary, fiction, and poetry that is only viewable when you disconnect from the internet.

Well, they had me at ‘poetry’.

But that wouldn’t stop me from viewing the source, which is a single line of minified HTML. If the site is going to be a built on JavaScript components (that need to be minified for size which is completely legit), why does the HTML also need to be minified? How many bytes will that save? It feels like obfuscation, when it really is just default ‘toolchain behaviour’. HTML development has long reached a point where a HTML/CSS n00b just cannot view-source, copy, and learn anymore.

(Anyway, if you’re a n00b and want to know how they detected the offline state, your convoluted journey of discovery would start here.)