Big data and deception…

When Uber moved into a new city, it appointed a general manager to lead the charge. This person, using various technologies and techniques, would try to spot enforcement officers. One technique involved drawing a digital perimeter, or “geofence,” around the government offices on a digital map of a city that Uber was monitoring. The company watched which people were frequently opening and closing the app — a process known internally as eyeballing — near such locations as evidence that the users might be associated with city agencies.

I can see clearly now…

Not wearing the right glasses, or any glasses at all if they are needed, can have a long-term impact. For decades it was thought that deliberately under-correcting for short-sightedness—by giving children weaker glasses than they really needed—might slow down the elongation of the eyeball over time and thus slow down the progression of myopia […] But a trial conducted in Malaysia in 2002 proved this hypothesis was so wrong it had to be halted a year early.

6-second stories.

To showcase the six-second ad format, Google got some agencies and filmmakers to create six-second stories which were shown off at the recent Sundance Film Festival.

With the ‘Skip Ad’ option on YouTube pre-rolls now, we consumers could skip the uninteresting ads and the brands would get the message via their analytics (or so we’d hoped). But with the six-second bumper ad format, we’ll have no choice but to sit through the “you-need-a-website” Wix crap. All the time.

On reading and empathy…

Prose fiction is something you build up from twenty-six letters and a handful of punctuation marks, and you, and you alone, using your imagination, create a world, and people it and look out through other eyes. You get to feel things, visit places and worlds you would never otherwise know. You learn that everyone else out there is a me, as well. You’re being someone else, and when you return to your own world, you’re going to be slightly changed.

Miss Hokusai.