The pleasures of imperfect recall…

A remembrance never formed is worse, far worse, than a remembrance lost. […] I sometimes rack my brain for past experiences that I’m positive are in there somewhere and draw a blank. It’s frustrating, but the blank still marks a spot — a spot where a memory used to be and might, if I eat the right cake, reappear. What makes memory magical is its imperfections and its unpredictability; try as we might, we never quite control it. It draws our attention to the margins of stories that once seemed to be the main events.

Improving your Mac’s audio output.

Audio MIDI Setup on OS X (10.8.5)

So there’s this application tucked away in Applications > Utilities on OS X called Audio MIDI Setup. You should try changing the source format from 44100Hz to 96000Hz and 24-bit Integer to 32-bit Float while listening to high quality audio on your headphones. It’s like (almost literally?) dialing it up to 11.

It is truly the secret sound manager on the Mac that I never knew about until recently. Having just ordered a NuForce DAC-80, the Audio MIDI Setup is just the thing I’d need to get the most out of it.

Male fashion advice from Fran Lebowitz…

I have to say that one of the biggest changes in my lifetime, is the phenomenon of men wearing shorts. Men never wore shorts when I was young. There are few things I would rather see less, to tell you the truth. I’d just as soon see someone coming toward me with a hand grenade. This is one of the worst changes, by far. It’s disgusting. To have to sit next to grown men on the subway in the summer, and they’re wearing shorts? It’s repulsive. They look ridiculous, like children, and I can’t take them seriously.

It’s like any other sort of revealing clothing, in that the people you’d most like to see them on aren’t wearing them. And if they are, it’s probably their job to wear them. My fashion advice, particularly to men wearing shorts: Ask yourself, ‘Could I make a living modeling these shorts?’ If the answer is no, then change your clothes. Put on a pair of pants.