I want to ride my bicycle.

This wasn’t the future The Jetsons promised…

We face awesome environmental challenges: climate change, food production, overpopulation, the decimation of other species, epidemic disease, acidification of the oceans. Together, they are a reminder that we are at the most dangerous moment in the development of humanity. We now have the technology to destroy the planet on which we live, but have not yet developed the ability to escape it.

It’s Google time.

So I found out today that Google has a free, publicly available NTP server at time.google.com.

I already use Google’s public DNS service on some devices, so I wanted to see what other free, useful, easy-to-use stuff there was on Google Developers.

I could not find a suitable GIF to show far down my jaw dropped when I saw the alphabetical list of developer products in there. From the Prediction API to Mobile Vision, there’s so much stuff to explore, learn and find out about, but there’s so little… time.

It’s Raining Said John Twaining.

Danish Nursery Rhymes, by N. M. Bodecker

“It’s raining,” said John Twaining.
“Keep me dry!” said John Rye.
“No I will not,” said John Willmot.
“You must go!” said John Slow.
“Go where?” said John Square.
“To Jack Crowning,” said John Browning.
“What for?” said John Sore.
“Buy some coats!” said John Oats.
“How many?” said John Penny.
“Ten should do,” said John Drew.
“Want to bet?” said John Wett.