Tips for a good time.

  • Have adventures.
    Whenever possible, we must opt for the unknown.
  • Give fear exceedingly short shrift.
    God protects drunks, infants, and feisty girls, girls who are up for anything.
  • Shun boredom.
    We must quit dull jobs, leave tedious boyfriends.
  • Cultivate a deviant attitude.
    Unless we’re vigilant, we could turn into zombies.
  • No power-politics, no back-stabbing.
    …Some of us take this philosophy too far and feel perfectly justified in ruthlessly clawing our way to the top, not minding how many innocent girls’ heads we step on in our ascent.
  • Only drink and take drugs if we have to.
    If we take weird acid one minute, the next minute we could find ourselves devoting our lives to the Grateful Dead.

(Via Revisiting Cynthia Heimel’s Sex Tips for Girls)

Change Alley.

Change Alley in Singapore from the 80s

This image is labelled as one of many pictures of Singapore in 1968. Which is a load of bollocks. The Change Alley street sign shows the postal code ‘0104’. Singapore moved to a four-digital postal code system in 1979. There’s no way this postal code would have existed 11 years prior.

Clearly, the Vintage News website seems to exist mostly as a vessel for showing shitty ads alongside content of questionable origin and is not as a bastion of historic truth. But I am now asking myself if any of the pictures they’ve labelled as ‘Singapore in 1968’ are even from Singapore in the first place.

Nassim Taleb makes my head hurt…

Perfect ergodicity means that each one of us, should he live forever, would spend the proportion of time in the economic conditions of segments of that entire cross-section: out of, say, a century, an average of sixty years in the lower middle class, ten years in the upper middle class, twenty years in the blue collar class, and perhaps one single year in the one percent. (Technical comment: what we can call here imperfect ergodicity means that each one of us has long term, ergodic probabilities that have some variation among individuals: your probability of ending in the one percent may be higher than mine; nevertheless no state will have a probability of zero for me and no state will have a transition probability of one for you).